Selected among the top 10 international dream destinations by CNN.

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A Tale of the Wisteria ~The Great Wisteria Festival 2018~ 〈More details〉

Entrance fees and lighting up period may vary depending on when the flowers bloom.

Event dates From April 18 (Wed.) to May 20 (Sun.)
Business hours 7:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m.
(9:00 p.m. during lighting up period)
Admission fees
Adults: 900- 1,800 yen
Children: 500- 900 yen
Lighting up period From April 21 (Sat.) to May 13 (Sun.)
<Night admission>
Business hours
5:30 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.
<Night admission>
Admission fees
Adults: 600- 1,500 yen
Children: 300- 800 yen

During lighting up period, admission fees are lower after 5:30 p.m.

※ Switching admission to night admission is not allowed. Night admission tickets are sold after 5:30 p.m.

Come and see the Great wisteria over 150 years old which spreads over a 600- tatami trellis area, as well as the 80 m-long white wisteria tunnel,the Kibana wisteria tunnel and more than 350 other wisteria trees in full bloom.Various colors of wisteria bloom in order, from pale red, purple, white, to yellow, which allows you to enjoy all of the wisterias for about one full month.CNN acclaimed it as a fantastic spectacle, equal to that of the tree of souls from the movie "Avatar",and it was the only Japanese site voted among the "2014 top 10 world dream destinations".


Tochigi Prefecture designated Natural Monument Large wisteria trellis of 1,000 m2 [In full bloom] around late April - early May

the large wisteria trellis


Pale red wisteria [In full bloom] around mid  - late April Dazzling cherry blossom-colored wisteria  Great wisteria [In full bloom] around late April - early May Tochigi Prefecture designated Natural Monument Large wisteria trellis of 1,000 m2

White wisteria [In full bloom] around early May Tochigi Prefecture designated Natural Monument 80 m-long white wisteria tunnel  Kibana wisteria [In full bloom] around early - mid May 80 m Kibana wisteria tunnel, the only one  in Japan

The splendid view of blooming azaleas More than 1,000 varieties of azalea are found all over the world, including horticultural species. Among these, Japan has an especially large number of varieties of azalea. At Ashikaga Flower Park, more than 5,000 azalea bushes are blooming. The rich and vibrant colors in the bright sunshine create a dazzling view. Some of the stronger evergreen varieties are also planted around the city, but you will certainly be surprised at the splendid varieties unique to the Park.


[In full bloom] around mid- April - early May

Access information
Guests coming by cars: You can come smoothly on weekdays.
Free temporary parking lots for 6,000 cars available.
【from the Tohoku Express Way】
◎ From Sano Fujioka IC, via National Route 50 towards Maebashi, Ashikaga (about 18 minutes)
【from the Kita-Kanto Express Way】
◎ From Ota Kiryu IC, via National Route 122 and National Route 50, towards Ashikaga, Oyama (about 20 minutes)
◎ From Ashikaga IC, via National Route 293, take Prefectural Road 67 towards Sano (about 15 minutes)
◎ From Sano Tanuma IC, via Prefectural Road 16 and 67 towards Ashikaga (about 12 minutes)
※ The time shown in parentheses is measured during normal traffic.
  • Free bus parking equipped

    Free large parking area for 40 motorcoaches and 300 standard-size cars

  • Area Map
For guests coming by train
April 2018, in Tochigi Prefecture, the JR new station will open for the first time in 35 years.

New station image

JR Ryomo Line information
Please use the JR Ryomo Line "Ashikaga Flower Park" station.

◎ For guests using the tobu Isesaki Line, please transfer to JR Tohoku Line at Kuki Station and take the Ryomo Line from Oyama Station.
◎ If you are coming from JR Ueno Station, also transfer to JR Tohoku Line at Oyama.

JR Ryomo Line information

The distance from Tomita St. on the JR Ryomo Line is about 13 minutes on foot.

The distance from Tomita St. on the JR Ryomo Line is about 13 minutes on foot.

Tobu Isesaki Line information
Please get off at Ashikaga Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line.

Tobu Isesaki Line information

Transfer information
Transfer information

Click on the links below to find transfer information
from the nearest station.

JR East Japan: transfer information Tobu Railways: transfer information

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