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Transport / Access

Address:607 Hasama Town,Ashikaga City,Tochigi Prefecture,329-4216 Japan
Closest Station:Ashikaga Flower Park station
Closest Interchange:Sano Fujioka Interchange

Please use the JR Ryomo Line "Ashikaga Flower Park" station.
※If there is no indication of "Ashikaga Flower Park Station" on the ticket vending machines, please buy the ticket for "Tomita Station" for the same tariff section.

※Please come earlier to Ashikaga Flower Park station as it is expected to be very crowded when you depart. Also, please make sure to add (charge) an enough amount of money to the transportation IC card in advance.

◎ For guests using the tobu Isesaki Line, please transfer to JR Tohoku Line at Kuki Station and take the Ryomo Line from Oyama Station.
◎If you are coming from JR Ueno Station, also transfer to JR Tohoku Line at Oyama.

Leave your baggage (e.g. big suitcases) in our care and make your tour more carefree and enjoyable!
Open hours
Saturday, April 20 - Friday, April 26 8:00~20:00
Saturday, April 27 - Monday May 6 7:30~20:00
Location East side of Ashikaga Flower Park Station
Services Temporal custody of baggages
Home develivery service booking
Fees Size limit: Max. 165 cm total length of height, width, and length
Fixed rate of 500 yen/baggage

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