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Contact us / Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
To enjoy thie Park safely and joyfully
Smoking is prohibited in the Park.(Smoking area is designated.)
Vehicles such as bicycles, drones are not allowed to be carried in the Park.
Do not touch plants and flowers, nor take home.
Ball games and jogging are not allowed.
Music activities including playing music instruments are not allowed.
Keep away from the prohibited area such as the flowerbed.
No drink and food are allowed to be carried in the Park.
We cannot be liable for an accident caused by your inadvertence.
Can I enter the Park with my pet?
You are not allowed to enter in the Park (both the site and the buildings) with your pet,
provided, however, an accompanying guide dog or service dog is allowed to enter.
Please note that we cannot keep your pet while you are in the Park.
※A temporary pet keeping space will be provided during The Great Wisteria Festival (for 500 yen),
but as the space is limited, it is recommended not to come with your pet.
Can I use a rental wheeled chair or a stroller for a baby?
Is a reservation necessary?
Rental wheeled chairs are available for free, for use in the Park only.
Please note that the number of wheeled chairs is limited,
so the rental is available on the first-come, first-served basis.
Rental service of strollers for babies are not provided.
Can I use a coin-operated locker?
Coin-operated lockers are provided at the front gate and in the shopping house.
Sizes of the lockers and the fees are as follows:
Large (8 lockers) … 500 yen (77cm×34cm×48cm)
Middle (6 lockers) … 300 yen (50cm×34cm×42cm)
Small (16 lockers) … 300 yen (37cm×34cm×42cm)
What hours can I use the parking?
The parking at the West Gate is available for 24 hours.
The parking at the front gate may be closed for public if many tourism buses come.
The parking can accommodate 300 standard-sized cars for free.
In busy seasons, we provide additional temporal parking spaces,
which can accommodate total 6,000 cars for free.
Can I take wedding photos?
Taking wedding photos is not allowed during the period from April to June and in the night exhibition of the Illumination period.
In other periods, you can take a wedding photo. Please contact us by telephone.
Can I enter the Park wearing cosplay costume or wedding dress?
We kindly ask you to refrain from coming in wearing cosplay costume or weddig dress which may damage the sight of the Park or which is not suitable for strolling in the park.
In cases where any trouble may be caused to other visitors due to your dress/costume,
or where you do not correspond to our request,
we may reject entering the Park or may ask you to leave the Park.
Can I take photos with my own camera or shoot video with my camcorder?
Yes, you can.
You can also use a tripod, but please take care not to obstacle other visitors' walking.
Please fold the legs of the tripod when you walk carrying it.
What should I do if I lose something?
Lost-and-found counter is in the shopping house. Please contact the administration office.
Is there a baby nursing room?
A dedicated baby nursing room is not provided,
but there is a private room which can be used for nursing. Please contact the staff.